Rimmel Provocalips 16HR – MLBB

Lip products are fantastic, each color brings out something different in you.  After having a baby, the only lip color product I use are those non-transferable/ kiss-proof (my daughter gets lots of kisses!). Rimmel Provocalips 16HR (#730 Make Your Move) is the best kiss-proof lip product I’ve tried.  It’s double-ended and at first this felt like too much work with…… Continue reading Rimmel Provocalips 16HR – MLBB


Asti & Truffle, My Little Warriors

My heart still breaks every so often when I see Asti’s aged face, not because she’s gotten some white hairs, but because the eye she lost from glaucoma.  I’m still adjusting to her new look, my husband says she looks cute with a permanent “wink.”  And there’s Truffle, who’s gone through 2 spinal disk surgeries…… Continue reading Asti & Truffle, My Little Warriors