Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream

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This is one of those bargain yet awesome products that it would be hard not liking it.  It’s great for hydrating dry skin and keeping skin moist, now that winter is coming this would be a great day cream as well as keeping it around at night.  I got mine on Amazon, $18.90 for 1.7oz.

I first saw this product on a Youtube video featuring Korean actress Jo Yeo Jeong.  The product is advertised as a barrier cream and I can see why as it keeps your skin feeling hydrated for a good ~8hrs.  Ingredients include ceramides and fermented mistletoe extracts.  It has a nice fresh, light scent.  The balm-like texture melts into the warmth of your skin when you rub it on, and it’s moisturizing without being sticky.  As someone who loves to apply in thick layers, either just this or with other products, this cream doesn’t ball-up.  You don’t need much with this though, as a little bit at night keeps my face feel hydrated till the next morning.  When I’m feeling lazy, I double up this as an eye cream and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.  I have dry, combination skin and lately, I use it after my sheet masks, so it does a good job at retaining the moisture from that.  However, I’m not sure how great it’s at absorbing into the skin – think this is because of its balm/wax like texture, so I tend to use this as the last step of my routine as a protective barrier layer against dry air.

The product comes with a spatula which is handy as the balm texture is a bit hard to dip your finger into, plus it’s just good for hygiene.

You may have also seen me posting it on Instagram or in one of my earlier blog post.

I hope this is helpful.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.  Have a great one!


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