Rimmel Provocalips 16HR – MLBB

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Lip products are fantastic, each color brings out something different in you.  After having a baby, the only lip color product I use are those non-transferable/ kiss-proof (my daughter gets lots of kisses!).

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR (#730 Make Your Move) is the best kiss-proof lip product I’ve tried.  It’s double-ended and at first this felt like too much work with the extra step for a lazy person like me, but the result is worth it.  The last one I tried was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain and it was not kiss-proof for me.  This one does the job!  The pictures are taken during different times of the day at different locations, so excuse the colors are looking slightly different.

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at the start of the day


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after lunch


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on my way home
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when I got home at end of the day

Application: I typically apply one coat, maybe not even a full coat and it’s enough color for me, already it brightens up my face.  Then I use the clear gloss to spread it evenly; I don’t take time to wait for the color to dry.  Both applications glides on smoothly, not sticky or dry, feels like chap stick when you finish applying.

During the day: It doesn’t dry out my lips, but I like to apply some chapstick over it for moisture.  I almost never reapply during the day as the color lasts during my work day and it fades naturally (no lip rings if you know what I mean).  After lunch, you can see the color  became softer, but it’s still clearly there, almost like a MLBB.

Removal: By the time I go to bed, there is still some color left, I use a makeup face wipe and it does the job.

Not sure if it lasts the 16 hours, but definitely not in its full color the entire time.  The scent by the way is nothing great or bad.  Note, I tried putting chapstick on before application, bad move, it made the application look runny, so I suggest not doing that!

Hope this helps and let me know if you’ve tried this!  Have a great one!

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