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Green juice with my baby


Happy Friday y’all!  Here is a pic of me and my 17 month old having our (almost) daily green juice in the morning.  I love it!  It’s almost like another added bonding time, because my husband doesn’t get it and will not drink it…it’s honestly not bad!  But baby loves it! As soon as she sees me taking out the blender (Blendtec, it does a good job), she’d go to the cabinet and grab herself an empty bottle for her share of juice! And looking all proud while doing it.  Lol!

So which one of you also do green juice together with your baby?  I would love to  hear it!

Here is what I typically put in mine, depending on what we have on hand -spinach, banana, apple, frozen fruit (get the organic large bags at Costco, I typically pick ones that I don’t buy fresh like mango or pineapple that are too hard to cut).  Others we put in when we are out of the above include, kale, celery (yuck, don’t really like the taste), carrots, coconut water, or dash of OJ if we have it for added vitamin C (we normally don’t give her any juice).

This is my way of getting added greens to her diet, plus it makes me feel less bad when my husband cooks something like the picture below and she takes a few extra bits.  He loves cooking deserts, but is not into eating it!  Help!  Will add some cooking posts very soon!

Have a great one!

strawberry mousse cake





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