H&M Fall Jacket/Coat












Another gorgeous morning here in California today!  Weather is is still mostly too warm to wear any heavy jackets, but wanted to show you guys these since they’re still on the H&M website and I saw the Hooded Parka in store the other day.  They’re easy to wear around with my toddler and going to work, my office is pretty casual.

Hooded Parka – I got this in size 4 and it fits my short 5’2 frame pretty well.  I like the big front pockets (for holding things when I need a free hand), the concealed drawstring at the waist, the detachable hoodie, and the collar.  It’s said to be machine washable, so that’s a plus!

Patterned Coat – got this in size 8 and I like it a lot.  It reminds me of those coats that you’d see on a Korean drama.  I like the big front pockets, the collar, and the tied belt at the waist is cute.

Hope you guys like these as much as I do!  Have a nice one!


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