Asti & Truffle, My Little Warriors


My heart still breaks every so often when I see Asti’s aged face, not because she’s gotten some white hairs, but because the eye she lost from glaucoma.  I’m still adjusting to her new look, my husband says she looks cute with a permanent “wink.”  And there’s Truffle, who’s gone through 2 spinal disk surgeries within one week when she was four.  When I see the two of them, I see love (lots of it and unconditionally), occasional troublemakers, but most of all, I see incredible strength and will.  When there’re difficult times, I often think of them and strive to be what they would be.  I also want to thank them for being so patient with us in our first year with having our human baby; they’re troopers!

A few notes about Asti and Truffle –

Asti: standard dachshund.  Turning 10 this December.  Had glaucoma surgery just last month and is recovery well.  I’m so glad she got a chance to play on the beach (at Sea Ranch) shortly before she lost her eye, she had so much fun!  Fav activity: tennis ball; Fav snacks: cheese, chew sticks covered  with chicken, but almost never finish chewing the sticks, just the chicken part, and greenies.  Notable traits: loves to love you and lick you to death, a recognized super star patient at the vet’s, follow you everywhere.

Here is a brief summary of her glaucoma story, I hope this help those who are going through the same situation.  It all happened very quickly.  The Thursday morning it happened, she was still fine and by the time I got home her eye was half closed and she was acting lethargic.  I took her to emergency immediately where they tried all night to keep her pressure down, it was at 60/67 (normal is below 20, this means she was in a lot of pain).  With not much success they transferred her to the eye specialist the next morning and though the pressure went down to 13, the dr wasn’t optimistic.  From Friday when we picked her up to bringing her back to the specialist on Tuesday, we gave her medications, 4 out of the 6 were eye droppers that sting her eye and you know she was in pain in those days.  On Tuesday, the pressure was at 37 in the am and 42 by early afternoon.  Dr called and said medication was not doing anything and at this point we need to start thinking about what we can do to keep her comfortable, so vision was no longer a discussion, possibility of her regaining her vision was close to 0.  Since our other options meant her possibility having inflammation later on, we decided to remove her eye.  She was diagnosed with primary glaucoma, because the drainage pores where the fluid goes are deformed.  We had surgery that Thursday, literally a week from that first day.

Here is Asti today, a day to 3 weeks from her surgery.  She’s back to before, eager to play  ball with us.  It still hurts me, but I just try to focus on giving her more love.   I think she looks beautiful in this picture.


Truffle: miniature dachshund.  Eight years old.  She loved to chase squirrels and playing with laser pointer sticks (she liked to chase and pounce on the light), but since her surgeries we pretty much stopped doing both.  Her recovery took sometime as she lost use of her back legs after surgery, but everyday she moved on and did what she could, with no complaints.  Fav activity: laying in bed and snuggle with her human (me); Fav snacks: she likes all treats.  Notable traits: she quietly lets Asti finish/steal the rest of her dinner sometimes (but you can’t say she’s completely submitting to Asti, because sometimes when they play you’ll think Truffle is the alpha dog), never complains at the vets.

I hope this post adds a dash of strength to your day!  And if you have stories/ questions to share with regard to glaucoma or spinal disk surgeries with dachshunds email me or comment below.

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