Skin care routine


I try to take good care of my skin as much as possible and often research before I purchase.  My skin is sensitive, dry/oily combination, with dark spots and pores that I’d like to minimize.  Here are my current skin care products; I rotate some of them on a daily basis, but they’re what I use the most.

  1. Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin – I use this after washing my face, it’s great and one of the few products I’ve continuously used over the years.  This gives me the feel of a much needed moisture after toner/cleanser.  Sometimes I do skip it after a shower and just put on a face mask.  I use it am and pm.
  2. Face oils/serum – been really into face oils lately.  First time I used the Jack Black Nourishing Oil I was surprised at how smooth and soft my face felt and not too greasy, I made an immediate purchase, no further research needed there!  Then I heard great things about Sunday Riley, the Good Genes Treatment and Luna Oil, so I made the purchase.  I have to say my face to this day (after months of using) still feels irritated (for a good 10 minutes) every time I use the Treatment, and I have not seen any difference.  Used it on a new acne scar and it did nothing.  The Luna oil however, feels great to the skin.  Will finish this duo, but probably won’t repurchase. Korres Rose Oil is a recent purchase from Sephora.  It was recommended to me when I was looking for something to help with my dark spots.  So far, it feels similar to the Jack Black oil, but I feel with over time there is an overall improvement in my skin tone.
  3. Lancôme Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector – I really like this.  I tend to use it as the last step of my night time routine.  Lately, that means, sheet mask, face oil, then this.  It smells great and feels very hydrating and easy to apply.  No complaints and only good things with this one!
  4. Goodal Waterest Moisture Barrier Cream – saw some Korean celebrity using this on a youtube video, bought it on Amazon and I’ve been really liking it.  It’s easy to apply and very moisturizing without being sticky, and the moisture lasts well to the next morning.  Very affordable too!  I tend to use it at night after using a sheet mask.  See my Amazon review here (I compared it to Origins Ginzing energy boosting cream and I like this way better).
  5. First Aid 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF30 – first saw this in the Chriselle Factor (love her posts!).  I like the feel of this one, it’s a bit on the greasy side, but I like it for the moisture that I need for my face that tends to crack since it’s dry.  I often don’t use a primer under makeup and this SPF works well enough and nice over the Jack Black oil; it doesn’t ball-up as some moisturizer tend to do, especially when you apply a thick layer or two!

I use a lot of Asian sheet masks, will have to do a separate post on that, stay tuned!  If there’re any masks/products that you like/recommend, please share below.  Hope this post is helpful!




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