Outfit of the day



Casual work OOTD wearing my new Ray Ban glasses.  I bought it at a local shop, priced at $140.  I tried finding it online in case any of you are interested and found it here on Amazon.  This is the shape of the frame I alway go for over the years and I’m almost always wearing glasses, ever since college.  These fit me well, for my low nose bridge, big head, and puffy cheeks.  A lot of glasses tend to sit on my cheeks or too tight and these don’t have those issues.  I highly recommend this shape of frame if you have a similar face shape like me.

I won’t list out the pieces as I’ve had them for quite a while and you can probably find similar ones in your wardrobe already or elsewhere!



I typically don’t wear shoes inside the house, unless it’s new, so I realized I’m missing shoes in the pics above!  So here they are!  I purchased them on Amazon and you can see better pictures there.  They are the Adidas NEO Lite Racer Slip On and they’re awesome, the most comfy shoes I’ve had I think.  Here is my 5 star Amazon review.


Happy Wednesday!



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