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What’s in my office desk


Here is a peek at what’s in my office desk currently.

  1. Water bottle – this carries 1.68L.  I bought it from our local Daiso store around the time I started breastfeeding and I love it because it’s huge and you don’t need to refill.  I almost never drink more than this in an 8 hour work day.  I do get coffee and tea in addition occasionally.
  2. Burdock tea – heard many great things about burdock tea, lots of health and beauty benefits (detox, weight loss, acne, blood circulation, lowering blood sugar levels, etc.), and this one tastes yummy, similar to barley tea.
  3. Fruit snacks – Kirkland brand from Costco.  Great when you need something sweet.
  4. Soft & Chewy granola bars with chocolate chip – Kirkland brand from Costco.  I like the taste of this.  100 calories per bar.
  5. Tim Tam – got this at Target.  If you haven’t tried it, try it if you like sweets, Kit Kat or chocolate.  This is great, for some reason, maybe it’s the dark chocolate, I can’t eat more than one at a time, it’s very rich for me.
  6. Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin – I’ve been using this for years.  It’s great for after washing your face or over makeup.  It’s affordable and easy to get on Amazon.  They have it in a large and small bottle (as in the picture), and a refill bottle.
  7. Glide floss – also from Costco.  I don’t particularly like this one, for some reason, the thread is different from the previous Glide floss I’ve used in the past.  I always have floss at work, you never know when you get something stuck in your teeth after lunch or from all the snacks I eat.
  8. Supergoop! Setting Mist – this traveling size is great when you go out for a walk during your lunch break.  It has SPF50 and makes me feel I’m protected when I’m out during the day or leaving work at the end of the day.  I’ve used it with and without makeup and either way it gives you a matte finish, even on my oily skin.
  9. Ameda ComfortLan – I got this from the hospital where I delivered my baby.  I don’t like it as a nipple cream, it’s too difficult to spread.  Rather than wasting it, I’m using it as a lip balm.
  10. Nivea A Kiss of Cherry SPF10 – bought this a long time ago, can’t remember where.  I’ve tried looking for a back up, but haven’t found it.  I like this, it’s got SPF and gives a nice hint of color that I could really use on my lips.

Comment below and let me know what you keep in your desk that keeps the days a little easier and better.


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